Heavy Cavalry
Heavy Cavalry-icon
—Image © Kabam

Heavy Cavalry are far more armoured than regular Cavalry. This armour provides them with more defence and power to their attacks, but costs them some speed. They are normally used to attack barbarian camps or other players.

Where to use

For use when your enemy decides to show off excessive numbers of swordsmen and/or archers.

Use against basically everything unless your enemy has alot of Pikemen defending.

Very effective when used in large numbers.

Additional Information

  • Heavy Cavalry have high armour in addition to their high speed, which lets them rush in and take out archers more effectively than Cavalry.
  • These units are still vulnerable versus Pikeman.
  • One Heavy Cavalry takes out two or more undefended Spiked Barriers.
  • One Heavy Calvary takes out five Archers (unverified). (edit): Recent testing (Jan.2011) shows that this figure is closer to 1HC:3archer
Unit 8 215 s34

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