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Militiamen are citizens of your city who have some military training. They are a good beginning for your army, but no match for troops with true training.


Food 80
Wood 100
Ore 50
Population 1
Food Upkeep 3
Might 1
Contruction Req. Level 1 Barracks

Where to use

Militiamen are useful for taking out traps in enemy cities or wilderness, so that you don't lose excessive might due to farming or crest hunting. Because of this, militiamen have become known as the 'Suicide March' in where players will send militiamen to take out the traps, and in doing so the militiamen will all die. Some people also use MM (militiamen) to gain might easily, as 1 MM is one might, and they are quick and cheap to recruit. Some players, however, do not like this strategy, because when someone attacks you MM are basically useless. It may be a good strategy to use to gain might fast to win a Tournament of Might, however, some players look down on this strategy as "cheap."

Additional Information

  • These units are meat shields, hence other than taking out traps and assorted wall defenses they have no worthy of mention use.
Unit 2 215 s34

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