Supply Wagon
Supply Wagon-icon
—Image © Kabam

Supply Wagons are heavily fortified to carry anything you need through a raging battle, and not lose the cargo. Supply wagons are one of the most important troop units. They are also a good source of might. Among all of the different troops, Supply Wagons have the best food to might ratio, and are more effiicent than supply troop compared to the upkeep and load. After these are avalible, Supply Troops are no longer necessary.

Where to use

  • One can use Supply Wagons to transport, reassign, reinforce, and plunder enemy cities using the "attack" tab.
  • These troops are very vulnerable to spiked walls. However, in the absence of a better alternative like light cavalry, supply wagons can also be used to take out spiked walls. This can save you losing the more expensive and time consuming Heavy Calvalry.
Unit 9 215 s34

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