troops to send to conquer a wilderness without any loses
300 archers or 100 militiman
2. 500 swordsman or 1000 militiman
3 1000 swordsman or 2000 militiman
4 2000 swordsman or 10,000 archers


5000 swordsman and pikeman
6 10,000 heavy cavalry, pikeman, and swordsman
7 10,000 battering ram, heavy cavalry, archer, swordsman, ballista, and militiman
8 30,000 swordsman, catopults, flame archers, militiman, battering ram, and pikeman
9 100,000 of all non rare troops
10 200,000 of all non rare troops

Note: all wilderness at level 2 and above have traps to see the amunt of traps in each one go to

Then you scroll into the units paragraph  and look at the chart

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